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Wilson and Gilkes

Specialising in Sheet Metal Fabrication, Production and Design prototype, Engineer and Manufacture for all industries

The Wilson & Gilkes difference

starts with your concept or component

Our experienced manufacturing & design experts – team with you to identify anyimprovements at the planning phase

Value of Experience

We apply over 75 years experience, senior management team work collaboratively with you, cementing skills from our design team,manufacturing specialists, factory floor workers, through logistics to provide the optimal solution for your sheet metal requirements.

Innovative Design

From your initial enquiry our dedicated design team work work collaboratively with you to improve your design. By following our carefully structured process, we test the quality of the initial design phase through the manufacturing to final delivery.

Continual Improvement Philosophy

A focus on continuous ongoing improvement is an embraced Philosophy
We recognise that a company’s quality will only be as good as its people and for that reason, our continual improvement program focuses on staff recognition and training as well as process improvement.

Supporting Australian Manufacturing

Working with Wilson & Gilkes supports Australian manufacturing. COVID-19 has highlighted the benefit of local Australian supply and helping to grow those skills.

Logistics Management

Our onsite warehousing facility together with our logistics management team ensure shipment and deployment of products throughout Australia and overseas, overcoming supply chain risks faced by overseas manufacturing competitors.


Defence & Government

Security & SCEC

Police & Law enforcement

Infrastructure & Construction

Retail & Commercial Fit Out

Transport Infrastructure

Electrical & Data

Outdoor Fixtures & Fabrication

Health & Ambulance



A SERVICE YOU VALUE, once you experience it

Step 01

Client Planning
Client Planning

Step 02

Design Service
Design Service

Step 03


Step 04

Finished Product
Finished Product

From concept to finish, all stages of manufacture are conducted in house, Wilson & Gilkes work in full collaboration with you to produce high quality products and components on time, and on budget, meeting Australian quality standards with minimal environmental impact

OpIe Group acquires Wilson & Gilkes

Wilson & Gilkes, a renowned industry leader with 75 years of experience, has recently been acquired by Opie Group. As part of this acquisition, Wilson & Gilkes will be relocating to Opie’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Emu Plains. This impressive facility spans over 8000m2 and is equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Opie Group’s Emu Plains manufacturing plant boasts advanced machinery and technology, enabling Wilson & Gilkes to further enhance their manufacturing capabilities. The facility includes precision cutting and machining equipment, automated production lines, and advanced quality control systems. With this relocation, Wilson & Gilkes will have access to the latest manufacturing advancements and resources offered by Opie Group. These cutting-edge facilities will enable Wilson & Gilkes to continue delivering high-quality products and innovative solutions to their customers. By leveraging Opie Group’s extensive manufacturing expertise and the advanced facilities at the Emu Plains plant, Wilson & Gilkes is poised to achieve even greater levels of efficiency, precision, and product excellence. This relocation to Opie’s Emu Plains manufacturing plant represents a significant step forward for Wilson & Gilkes, as they embrace the opportunities presented by this partnership and continue to lead the industry with their commitment to innovation and quality.



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Yes. Wilson & Gilkes will assess the components and provide costs. If appropriate, we will provide options to reduce cost, simplify the design or improve functionality.
Wilson & Gilkes can provides a Project Guarantee Program for authorised business partners where there are critical delivery dates
Wilson & Gilkes has on site powder coating facilities. Our experienced team have worked on parts with colours that are very unique to for a new product launches, global corporate colours and many other
Yes. Wilson & Gilkes can design, manufacture, assemble, package and deliver a complete product. Everything is done on site by Wilson & Gilkes to ensure full control and quality.
Yes. Wilson & Gilkes has worked with business partners where the only immediate option is to use a sample for quoting. We will assess with you to decide the best options for both organistions.
There are set up times and costs that are necessary to fabricate. This usually means it is cost effective for all parties to have a minimum order volume. The cost and minimum quantity varies depending on the complexity.



Wilson & Gilkes provides updates on new products, new installations, design innovations and tips on security enclosures.
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OPIE Group acquires Wilson Gilkes

Opie Manufacturing Group Expands Reach with $6M Investment and Wilson & Gilkes Acquisition Opie Manufacturing Group, Australia’s leading steel products manufacturer, proudly announces the successful

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