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UTS Lecture Centre Canberra

UTS Lecture Centre Canberra

University of Canberra’s years of searching for a 21st century lectern solution ends thanks to Gilkon’s UTS Lectern Centre.

The Challenge

Teaching and Learning staff­ at the University of Canberra had been on the hunt for a lectern solution that would meet the needs of today’s collaborative teaching styles.
Teaching staff­ wanted flexibility, mobility and simplicity. The AV Team wanted adequate ventilation for the IT equipment and Estate Management wanted aesthetic appeal. For over two years they searched until quite by accident they stumbled across a possible solution at the University of Technology Sydney.
The question was how could they make it theirs?

The Solution

UTS’s lectern centre is freestanding and can be used for a standard presentation or in a breakout space, requiring only power. It can be electronically raised to lectern height or lowered, allowing teaching staff­ and students to sit for more collaborative-style interaction. Gilkon brought their know-how to the design and ensured that the components were easy to manufacture and that the manufacturing process would be cost efficient. Dale Arnull, AV Project Manager expounds, “UTS were a great partner in the prototyping process. Their designer was completely open to our requested manufacturing and design changes.”

The result is a lectern centre that meets the teaching staff­’s need for mobility and flexibility. Some units are even designed to pivot for modern learning spaces where the room may be configured in many diff­erent ways. The centre also caters easily for teachers and students with special needs.

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