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Wilson & Gilkes will help with the best sheet metal cutting option for you


Sheetmetal laser cutting or Sheetmetal punching? Which option?

There are multiple stages of production in the sheet metal fabrication process. These include cutting the material, folding the material, welding the material, and applying the paint finish.

Today we will take a look at the cutting stage. Wilson & Gilkes uses two machines for this stage.


Laser Cutter Machine

Laser cutters use a fibre optic beam to cut materials with the utmost precision and quality. Laser cutters are excellent tools because of their ability to cut a diverse range of materials. They’re efficient too, capable of cutting high volumes of material quickly. Wilson & Gilkes uses laser cutters which can load and unload on their own to allow for automated overnight operation.


Turret Punch Machine

The turret punch is another machine that’s equally indispensable. Rather than a fibre optic beam, the turret punch uses a stamping action to shape sheet metal. Two turrets function as a die and a punch, with one below and one above, and both move perfectly in sync to punch out shapes. Turret punches are CNC-based machine and therefore require programming. In addition to cutting, the turret punch can also emboss and dimple materials. Pre-coated materials such as Colourbond are an ideal match for the turret punch as the machine will not leave behind burn marks like a laser cutter can.

Wilson & Gilkes specialises in all types of sheet metal fabrication and has all your cutting, folding and welding needs catered for.

Wilson & Gilkes designs and manufactures 100% in Australia.

No supply chain risk.

Email us at sales@gilkon.com.au or call 02 9914 0900 for a fast free quote.

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